London Westminster College (LWC) is a distance blended online learning provider. LWC brings you access to a wide range of academic and professional qualifications. Qualifications from Level 3 to Level 7, with each level focusing on different entries point of a university programme.

LWC provides the academic pathway with undergraduate credits and postgraduate credits to the learner and ensures that the qualifications emphasis on transferable knowledge, transfer skills, specific skills and specific knowledge.

As an Applied General Qualified pathway for progression into University education, LWC is dedicated towards new digital learning along real-world case studies, cultural and social activities which encourage growth and cultural awareness in order to foster international understanding.

London Westminster College is an ATHE Accredited Centre whereby students enrolled to the ATHE qualifications are regulated by the Office for Qualification and Examinations (Ofqual), a non-ministerial government department in the UK which regulates qualifications.

Students graduating from ATHE qualifications will achieve internationally recognised qualifications which are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for England and Wales and aligned to international framework worldwide.

The London School of Marketing (LSM) is currently one of UK’s leading private course providers catering to more than 15,000 students from both the UK and around the world.

Learning Awards Academy (LAA) is dedicated to providing access to quality higher education for learners. Offering career-focused academic programmes that reflect the latest global industry trends, LAA aims to transform the possibilities of what is achievable through online education.

In partnership with London School of Marketing as a Recognised Business Partner, Learning Awards Academy is excited to bring learners on a range of courses offered and taught through LSM.

LSM’s partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, University of Northampton and University of Bedfordshire that strategically offers a wide range of University programmes in Marketing, Business, Finance and Human Resource Management. Qualifications offered in LSM ranges from Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree levels..

SAA Global Education (SAA-GE), has more than 30 years of a track record as a leading accountancy education provider. Wholly owned by ISCA (Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants), national accountancy body, SAA-GE is undisputedly Singapore’s leading Accountancy training provider.

Learning Awards Academy is excited to bring learners on the range of courses offered and taught through SAA Global Education, learners completing the ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management will be able to enter Level 1 of the SAA-GE Advanced Diplomas, importantly it is equivalent to the 1st year degree of a 3 year program.

SAA Global Education provides diploma, degree programmes in Accounting, Business, Banking, Finance, Economics, and more.

  • University of London (UOL) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting & Finance.
  • University of London (UOL) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Banking & Finance.
  • University of London (UOL) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business & Management.
  • University of London (UOL) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Economics & Management.

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